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ENEA (http://www.enea.it), the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development is an Italian public organization operating in the fields of its authority to support research, innovation technology and advanced services in the fields of sustainable economic development and energy.

The activity on energy topics is driven by highly specialised and experienced researchers and technicians. Concerning PV activity, ENEA has promoted the development of one of the largest research centre located in Europe in Portici (Naples, Italy). The UTTP-Enea Portici Technical Unit with 70 researchers, 40 specialized technicians and 20 non-permanent staff and students operates on the realisation and characterisation of PV material and devices. Enea laboratories are also tightly focussed on module's quality evaluation, reliability and life time estimation, development of indoor-outdoor characterization tests and participation in round robin indoor-outdoor tests.

ENEA is involved in the development of smart solutions for photovoltaic modules for building integration and architectural solutions where the visual and multifunctional aspects of photovoltaics are carefully taken into account. It has also several on-going projects concerning smart PV modules.

ENEA also participates in several international initiatives concerning definition and standardisation of test procedures. It is also a member of the European Energy Research Alliance participating to PV Module reliability and Energy prediction and it is also coordinating with RSE EERA Joint Programme on smart-grid and contributing to 7FP European Research projects like Infrastructure-SOPHIA for PV Module reliability evaluation, energy rating and BIPV application.

ENEA is actively involved on promotion and dissemination of knowledge about photovoltaics, and, particularly, organization and realization of educational/professional courses