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Fundación Tecnalia Research & Innovation ( is a non-profit, private research organisation with around 1500 employees. It was born out of the merger of Labein, Inasmet, Robotiker, Fatronic, Cidemco, ESI, Euve and Leia in January 2011. The activities within this proposal will be carried out by the Solar Energy group within the Energy and Environment Division of Tecnalia.

The Solar Energy group within Energy Unit is mainly focused on: i) advanced PV plants (inverter-based distributed architectures, fault detection and prediction, monitoring and predictive maintenance, energy storage), ii) novel encapsulation systems for PV cells and modules, iii) design and simulations of PV components and systems and iv)architectural integration of PV elements (BIPV).

The founder members of TECNALIA have been involved in international cooperation for several decades. TECNALIA is participating in the decision making centres for European R&D policies, being member of the following associations: i) the Executive Committee of the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations (EARTO), ii) EUROTECH, a select group of EARTO’s leading organisations, iii) the Steering Board of 6 European technological Platforms and present on another 24 and iv) the Joint Institute for Innovation Policy (TNO, VTT, Joanneum Research and TECNALIA).

TECNALIA is nowadays leading or participating in more than 170 FP7 projects (in 34 as a coordinator).