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HERON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Ltd. (www.heronltd.gr) is an SME Limited construction company that deals with civil, electromechanical and infrastructure works, public and private, such as, optical network application in highways (some clients: WIND, VODAFONE, HOL, GREEK TELECOM COMPANY etc.), real estate sector (raise of office-, residential- and industrial-buildings, concrete or steel) and electromechanical works (LNG lines).

HERON RENEWABLES Ltd. (www.heronananewsimes.gr) is a Limited construction and commercial company, daughter company of HERON CONSTRUCTION Ltd. that deals with geothermal applications, heat pumps, radiant floor heating/cooling, solar-thermal applications, PV installations (standalone and grid connected – residential <10kW or commercial >10kW, PV fields) and special space conditioning Projects, in terms of Product Sales and turn-key solutions.

The engineers of the Group have been involved in geothermal applications from the beginning of the technology in Greece. Around 45 permissions, which is 1/4 of all permissions for geothermal applications issued by the legal offices of Greece were performed by the team of the Group. Special Projects with low energy consumption space conditioning systems in relation with other passive building elements (low energy windows) were implemented in the Group’s constructions.