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OPTIMAL COMPUTING (http://www.optimalcomputing.be) is a SME company active in Software Developments, Cloud Computing, Big Data and Smart buildings. The company was incorporated in 2008.

OPTIMAL COMPUTING has a large expertize in developing and deploying software on the Cloud. In particular, we develop, maintain and support data services and advanced web applications in highly secured environments for the finance sector dealing with Big Data.

OPTIMAL COMPUTING also provides specialized consulting services and software in the field of numerical optimization. We develop Xtremea numerical optimization software based on techniques coming from the field of artificial intelligence techniques such as genetic algorithms and neural networks. We also provides consulting services in order to analyse the current design process and also to incorporate numerical optimization techniques into the design process.

OPTIMAL COMPUTING is also active in Smart Building equipment’s in order to automate the building and therefore to further reduce the energy consumption of buildings.

OPTIMAL COMPUTING also has expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) and Structural Mechanic simulations.