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Vue-sur-Mons ( is active in the development and construction of low energy new buildings in the region of Mons (Belgium). Vue-sur-Mons is currently developing a project to build 450 housings. These houses will be very low energy new buildings built in a cost effective way. The materials and technologies that will be selected must bring major advantages in terms of low energy consumption during the building live cycle but must also bring advantages to minimize the embodied energy.

This project will be integrated in “Mons 2015 the European capital of culture” having as driving theme: “Where technology meets culture”.

The objective of the company is to demonstrate the development of low energy houses at the level of a district including ICT technologies, innovative mobility solutions and water treatment solutions. A major idea is also to make sure that this concept can be replicated around Mons and in Belgium and to disseminate the main principles through several channel including “Mons 2015”

The company founders are experienced people having a large and complementary experience in different fields such as: building construction and development of large scale real estate projects; applied research in several fields such as component optimization, materials, aerodynamics, thermal analysis, numerical optimisation and software developments.